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Great British Beef Week 2021

One of the nation's most beloved food-powered weeks is returning this year from the 23rd to the 30th of April 2021 for its 11th year.

Great British Beef Week is this year focusing on British beef farmers working to support sustainable beef production on their farms. Thanks to the hard work of these farmers, British beef continues to be some of the most sustainably produced in the world.

British beef production has a carbon footprint of less than half of the entire global average which is something to be incredibly proud of.

Ladies In Beef – a collective of over 150 female beef farmers from all over the UK will be championing the Great British Beef Week this year with co-founders Jilly Greed and current NFU president Minette Batters playing key parts in the organisation and execution of this much-anticipated event that will shine a light on sustainable beef production in the UK.

Jilly Greed states that the British food industry is “constantly evolving” with new technology, best practices, and government guidelines being introduced all the time.

"This year we wanted to demonstrate how the beef sector is progressive and wanted to demonstrate its environmental sustainability credentials. This includes farming regeneratively, improving grasslands and paddock grazing, planting trees, maintaining wildflowers for the bee population, harvesting, and giving cattle rainwater to drink."

Ms. Greed stresses that properly managing the land and beef production is much more than just the best business practice, it is a “fundamental responsibility” of modern-day farming

"By doing this, our aim is to reassure consumers that by continuing to buy and enjoy beef, they are acting responsibly and sustainably.”

Ladies in Beef are spearheading this year's Great British Beef Week this year and we expect more info to be released in the weeks leading up to the event.

Last year's Great British Beef Week was of course impacted by the global pandemic with Ms. Greed even considering the postponement of the event. “However, with empty shelves causing consumer confidence to waver, we believe there is an opportunity for the beef sector to come together to reassure people that we are working incredibly hard to put food on their tables and to inspire them to cook with a range of beef cuts, hopefully encouraging more normal purchasing behaviour.

“Our meal ideas are all based around batch cooking and store cupboard essentials. We are working with social media influencers to help get the message out there that beef is versatile and nutritious as well as delicious, encouraging them to incorporate other cuts, as well as their usual repertoire of mince-based dishes.”

GBBW goes much farther than just showcasing the British beef production industry, it also serves to highlight some of the country's inspirational beef farmers, the techniques they use to provide sustainable food to the country, and the future of the beef producing industry.

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