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Dear Steak Lover

We wish to update you on the current price and availability issues regarding some of your favourite local and imported meat, especially as Christmas is just around the corner.

We launched The Steak Shop 18 months ago pre Brexit and just after the first Covid lockdown. Due to the global situation at that time we were able to source and deliver unbelievable value on many products sourced from around the world as restaurants, hotels and many traditional meat suppliers closed. This huge surplus resulted in a massive decrease in meat prices worldwide which we were able to pass onto you.... our customer.

Circumstances have regrettably changed post Covid and due to Brexit.

🦠 Covid

Many producers from around the world cut back on farming stocks and production due to very low demand in the last 18 months and now that the world has re-opened there is a substantial shortage of meat stocks.

🇬🇧 Brexit

When we in Britain were part of Europe we benefited from all the trade deals between Europe and the Rest of the World. Meat imported from the United States, South America and Australia was all DUTY FREE because of our existing trade deals as a European partner. Post Brexit and since 1 January 2021 we now automatically incur an import duty of between 15-25% on all meats from outside Europe and Canada (these 2 trade deals remained).

Covid masked these resulting price increases as demand was still relatively low until the world recently reopened. We are now seeing the harsh reality of what Brexit means for us Meat Lovers - massive demand and huge shortages. Our industry like many others has also felt the impact of increased logistics costs.

Until new trade deals are established, prices will continue to rise and in some cases, (like USDA and Wagyu cuts) we may not even be able to source any of these meats for months because of strict import quotas.

Although we currently have trade deals with Europe and Canada, extra regulations which include increased paperwork and veterinary certification will also increase prices from Europe.

We do also source British meat but labour shortages and energy prices are now causing price increases for our local beef. Further, our local farmers are exporting the best of their meat to Europe where they are fetching higher prices. For the first time Rib-eye is even more expensive than Fillet!

The outlook is not great as the promised trade deals are taking a lot longer than we were promised by our politicians. Supply will almost certainly get a lot worse before it gets better!

We thank you for your custom and assure you that we will continue to source the best meats from around the world without compromising the quality and always offer the best possible prices even in these circumstances.

Our Christmas range is now available to pre-order as we have limited stocks arriving in the coming weeks and anticipate big shortages in the run up to the festive season. From today you can order and select Christmas delivery slots to secure your order.

Shop Christmas here:

Best Regards

The Steak Shop Team

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zad sa
zad sa
Apr 11



lekor adams
lekor adams
Dec 14, 2023

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Nathan Adrian
Aug 18, 2023

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This explains the situation very clearly. I would have just put ‘Bloody Brexit’!

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