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Txuleta Sirloin 1kg

What is Txuleta?


Txuleta is produced from older, chubbier cows that have a higher fat content and much more marbling. This intense marbling gives these steaks a distinct and unique flavour found only in the Basque Country in northern Spain..


People say Txuleta is "Better than Wagyu, half the price" and it's really true. You have to experience this cut and its new flavours.  


Perfect for cosy dinners at home or on special occasions.  We're so excited to offer this new addition to our lineup.


Why choose sirloin?


The sirloin steak is cut from the large back muscles of the cow close to the spine and right next to the filet. It is an incredibly flavourful cut that offers a more intense and depth "beefy" flavour than a filet or a rib-eye for example.


Pair it with some of our signature steak salts and sauces to really add a pinch or a dollop of excellence to your steak night.

Txuleta Sirloin 1kg

  • Details

     Country of Origin: Spain

    Country of Slaughter: Spain

    Country of Processing: Spain



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