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Angus Fillet Steak (5 x 200g Portions)-1kg

Fillet steak is cut from the middle of the cow back to the round from a piece of muscle that does very little work in the life of the cow. It is some of the most tender cuts of beef you can get while remaining nice and lean.


Known as "the Chefs dream", a piece of good quality fillet has to be tasted to be fully appreciated.


What is Angus beef and why is it so prized?


Beef from the Angus breed of cattle contains more intramuscular fat (marbling) than most other cattle. This intramuscular fat is what produces a tender, juicy, and flavourful piece of beef.


Angus beef is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a little extra sprinkling of special on your steak dinner. 


There's a reason Angus beef is the most popular type of beef in America.


Two 300g Fillet steaks delivered straight to your door for the perfect date night at home, special occasion dinner, or any event you can think of.

Angus Fillet Steak (5 x 200g Portions)-1kg


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