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Win Your Money Back At The Steak Shop!

Win Your Money Back At The Steak Shop!

Here at The Steak Shop, we pride ourselves on providing restaurant-quality steaks and meats delivered directly to your door.

We supply thousands of customers from across the UK with some of the most sought-after and specialty meats sourced from all corners of the globe but we also like to give something back and have a little bit of fun at the same time.

How does winning a voucher worth the full amount of your order sound?

That’s right, if you take part in our Grand National promo you could win a voucher for the total amount of your order so if you order £100 worth of steak and then WIN, you’ll receive a £100 voucher back. There is no limit to this promo, if you’re supremely confident in your horse picking ability and order £5000 worth of steak and win then we’ll get a £5000 voucher back out to you. It really couldn’t be simpler!

Even if your horse doesn’t win outright, if your pick places 2nd - 5th in the race, you’ll still get a voucher worth 33% of your order so the odds really are in your favor.

How To Enter

  1. Head to and build your dream basket of steak and meat products.

  2. Pick a horse to win (or place) and enter its name into the coupon text field e.g REDRUM

  3. Watch the race with fingers crossed

  4. If you’re a winner (or a placer) we’ll be in touch to get your voucher back out to you


  1. Orders must be placed and received by the 10th of April 2021

  2. You must enter your horse's name with no spaces into the promo code field within the basket

Everybody loves the Grand National and everybody loves steak so this seemed like a fantastic promotion to get everyone involved. It’s the hottest April cross-over event since the hot cross and the bun!

Here at The Steak Shop, we have one of the largest ranges of quality and exotic meats that you’ll ever find. We have everything from the legendary Txuleta steak sourced from the sunny Basque Country on the top tip of Spain, the restaurant classics like your Beef Wellingtons, and oven-ready racks of ribs, we even have delicacies such as Beef Boerewors and A5 Wagyu.

You can get your hands on some incredible meats from The Steak Shop and we’re even giving you chance to win your order value back as a voucher so you can treat your mate to the same (or sort out your next steak event on us).

So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a horse whisperer and want the chance of getting your hands on some restaurant-quality meat that you simply will not find anywhere else, especially not in supermarkets, then you really can’t afford to hang around.

Pop on your deerstalker hat and get over to and place your order now!

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