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The Perfect Gift To Give This Mothers Day

What would you usually get mum for Mother’s Day? If this were any other year, it would probably be a little card, perhaps a bunch of Tesco’s finest flowers, and a box of the “expensive” chocolates. You might even have given the gift of your presence on her special day.

As we all know, however, this year is certainly not the year for “usual”. That production line card, flaccid flowers, and a box of Ferrero's with the yellow label hastily picked off simply won’t cut it this time around. Especially since we won’t be able to see our dear mother’s on this most sacred of days. Mums up and down the country deserve a little bit extra this year especially.

Mums are experts at feigning delight at mediocre gifts but this year you can make that delight real and put a real spring in her step for the rest of the Mother’s Day week by really going all out, really pushing the envelope, and spoiling her rotten with one of our Mothers Day Hampers.

We’ve taken all of the hard work and done it for you. These gift boxes are packed to the brim with everything needed for a very special Mother’s Day dinner that is sure to put a smile on Mum's face.

Let’s start with our “standard” (although it’s anything but) Mother’s Day hamper. It includes a traditional French Chateaubriand which is the especially tender and juicy cut of beef taken directly from the tenderloin. Couple that with 200g of the finest smoked salmon for a perfect starter course or perhaps a mid-course amuse-bouche (depending on who is cooking). Finally, no dinner of this importance would be complete without something equally as prestigious to drink.

We have paired not just this hamper but all of our hampers with a bottle of 2019 Boucher Claret. In our experience, there is no other wine that compliments the flavours presented in these hampers as finely as this wine. Of course, we could add a dusty bottle of famed vintage into the hamper and put an outrageous price tag on it but the point of these hampers is to be able to provide mum with the best possible experience with the least possible hassle while were all separated and that includes hassle to your bank account!

The next hamper on our list kicks things up a notch. You still get your staples of the premium smoked salmon and expertly paired wine but now we’ve switched the Chateaubriand for a traditional and well-loved beef Wellington. The beef wellington is famed for its wow factor in Michelin-started restaurants and is one particularly famous chef's signature dish. Now you too can experience this exquisite piece of culinary art. There is also a pack of premium chocolate tucked in the hamper just as a wonderfully suitable cherry on top of the cake if you will.

Our last hamper is by no means the least. In fact, this is the hamper to get if you really want to bring the house down and cement your place as mum's favourite. This is our finest Mother’s Day hamper available.

We’ve switched the beef wellington for a Txuleta porterhouse big enough for two. If you haven’t experienced Txuleta before then you’re in for a real treat, it is in my humble opinion some of the finest steak currently available. We’ve doubled the helping of smoked salmon from 200g to 400g and, to top off this regal hamper with a crown fit for a king, it also includes 30 grams of Oscietera caviar with a perfectly apt mother of pearl spoon to serve and enjoy it with. Of course, you will also receive your bottle of wine and luxurious chocolates to put the perfect finish on the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

So what we have is a lineup of Mother’s Day hampers that take all of the hard work out of a truly special Mother’s Day meal. They all come with easy-to-follow cooking instructions so, if a suitable cook is unavailable, mum will have no trouble prepping these fine ingredients and cooking them to perfection while still in her slippers. We’ve done the hard work for you so now it’s up to you to make Mum's day just that little bit extra special. There’s never been a better year for it.

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