Txuleta Tomohawk (1.5-1.6kg)

Unique meat from the Basque Country


This is one of our favourite cuts that offers wonderfully juicy and tender meat that features a very unique taste only achievable with the unique meat from the Basque Country, Txuleta.


We say our Txuleta is "Better than Wagyu, half the price" and it's really true. You have to experience this cut and its new flavours. 


Txuleta is produced from older, chubbier cows that have a higher fat content and much more marbling. This intense marbling gives these steaks a distinct and unique flavour.


We are one of very few importers of Goya from Tolosa in the Basque Country and Discarlux in Madrid. Our aim is to distribute this Basque delicacy to customers up and down the UK.


Perfect for cosy dinners at home or on special occasions.  We're so excited to offer this new addition to our lineup.

Txuleta Tomohawk (1.5-1.6kg)


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