Premium Steak Selection Box

This is the ultimate selection of top-shelf steak that is sure to impress at any BBQ or special occasion dinner.


We've hand-curated this box to feature some of the finest steak available from all over the world and deliver it straight to your door.


First you have two portions of Wagyu sirloin graded 3/5 and weighing in at 200g each. You have probably already heard of Wagyu, it's reputation as one of the finest meats in the world certainly preceeds it.


Next up are two USDA graded NY strips at a healthy 350g each. If Wagyu is the Rolls Royce of steaks then the NY strip is definitely the Bentley. Both delivering an extraordinary experience while retaining their key distinctions.


Finally we have some of Jacks Creeks finest sirloin steak. Two portions at a hefty 350g each to ensure a well rounded steak eating event.


  • Wagyu Sirloin Grade 3/5 (2*200g)
  • USDA NY Strip (2*350g)
  • Jacks Creek Sirloin (2*350g)

Premium Steak Selection Box