Ealing Gin

Our very own Local Gin.....



Super premium London Dry Gin. In a stunning bottle. 70CL @ 42% ABV.

Hand crafted in small batches in the heart of Ealing, it blends flavours from the finest of botanicals and delivers both complexity and sophistication.

“Deep flavoured and well balanced with everything sitting gently on the junipers. It leads with zesty orange citrus combined with warm spice. Chamomile fills the gaps and has an overall smoothing effect. It leaves with a linger of subtle floral and peppery warmth. Refreshing, elegant and friendly.”

The beautiful bottle design is an homage to Ealing Borough’s iconic Art Deco architectural gems. Each bottle is hand finished then fired in small batches… the tones and hues of each bottle, therefore, slightly vary…all the more individual!

"A clean, smooth and thoroughly pleasing spirit" GQ

"A premium London Dry Gin... elegant, small-batch... in a bottle made for showing off."  Evening Standard


The people of Ealing have always and continue to enjoy both good society and a good drink. We would never underestimate their ability to spot a bloody good gin!

So, we’ve created a super-premium gin that is more than worthy of carrying the “Queen of the Suburbs” gin mantle.

It is a true London Dry Gin carefully distilled using the finest botanicals, pure filtered water and pure grain alcohol in our beautiful copper still “Felicity”. It delivers both complexity and sophistication whilst remaining friendly and pleasing to the palate.

Our recipe mixes classic rich juniper with sweet-sharp pink peppercorn, zesty orange, warm aromatic spices and chamomile, garden mint, scented rose and rosemary… the latter four inspired, of course, by the traditionally English parks and gardens of Ealing.

The result is a very distinguished gin with its very own distinctive style – multi-layered but ultimately clean and smooth.

And, of course, we’ve made it look beautiful too. The decorative bottle design is an homage to the iconic Art Deco architectural gems found all across Ealing Borough. 

GQ Magazine called it “A clean, smooth and thoroughly pleasing spirit.”

The Evening Standard said “A premium London Dry Gin… elegant, small-batch… in a bottle made for showing off.”

Ealing Gin


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